Have you ever tried diving in the night? Here is why you should absolutely live this experience!

We, divers, never stop being amazed by the underwater world and we always feel excited when we discover a new dive site or a new kind of scuba diving. When night diving, you get the opportunity to observe the aquatic world in the dark, which is a totally different adventure guaranteeing to all divers unforgettable emotions!


The whole universe is changing at nightfall…

It is very interesting to see the changes in the behaviour of aquatic creatures when you see them during the night. For example, the fish that is active in the daytime rests in the night and do not move at all, except for the water movements. Other creatures, like rays, approach us readily in the night attracted by the torches of divers and we can observe them easily. While day diving, we wouldn´t see some of the marine animals as they are active only in the darkness. This is the case for the angel sharks that hunt clams at night but stay hidden in the sand all day.

Moreover, in a day dive without a torch, the colors underwater are faded as water absorbs them. When night diving, the light allows you to see the bright colors of the reefs and the fish and they become even more beautiful.


How to get ready for a night dive?

The procedures before and during a night dive are different from a normal dive: we use specific equipment like torches and other light/sound devices. The signals used to communicate underwater also vary: the torch is the principal way of communication as we don’t see the hands. There are more hazards due to low visibility so we always have to be careful, stay close to our buddy and try to plan dives with easy objectives. 

The skill and knowledge of night diving can be learned by following a PADI Night Diver specialty. This course is very useful as you get more explanations about how to do night dives safely while using the adequate equipment. The course contains 3 dives in which you will get a special training and practice all the procedures while enjoying the amazing experience of meeting underwater creatures during the night.


All in all, the whole adventure is very different from the day, everything seems slower, everyone is relaxed and enjoys this special moment. So don’t hesitate to ask for more information about night diving in a dive center and enjoy the ocean and its animals in a different context.

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