Diving scuba equipment – tips and reviews

Welcome to a page devoted to diving scuba equipment. Due to the fact that diving is now developing very rapidly throughout the world, the question arises of what diving scuba equipment to choose. Now the market is a great variety of suppliers diving scuba equipment, and for good reason – the number of users is growing every year. Diving scuba equipment – the same thing as deep sea diving gear, just in other words. In this article you will find a description of the equipment, not included in the previous one. Thus, the criminal.

Diving scuba equipment: cameras

How can dive to do without the camera? Yes way! After seeing the beauty of the underwater world you want to look at them again and again, but it is not always such a possibility, and besides, there are moments that can be seen only once in their lives and they must be sure to impress. In such cases, you come to the aid waterproof camera. Such cameras are specially processed industrial silicone, thus eliminating all the penetration of liquids inside the camera itself. There are also special deep-sea camera as part of a diving scuba equipment. They can withstand high pressure, up to 100 meters of the water column. Descend deeper and take pictures – it will not at all, because the camera that can withstand pressure of more than 100 meters under the water would not everyone can afford. The best choice – diving scuba equipment – cameras up to 1000 dollars.

Diving scuba equipment: weights

For a more comfortable diving and surfacing people who engage in scuba diving, use weights that are attached to the abdomen or chest. Weights makes it easy to dive under the water even if you have behind compressed air cylinder, which is an integral part of any dive trip.

Diving scuba equipment: watches

In the generally accepted notion is, of course, not hours, as a kind of universal instrument is the indicator that will show you both time and direction of the north (compass) and diving depth. Also, in some hours of additional features, such as pressure gauges. If you descend to a depth below 30 meters – the gauge for you is sorely needed. After all, to prevent decompression sickness, which is deadly, you should always monitor their blood pressure, and, if necessary – to pause for decompression.

Diving scuba equipment: lights

Very often, for example by immersing below 25-35 meters, the sunlight does not reach you and you do not see anything. In this case, the lights are simply necessary – both for quality photography, and in order to protect themselves, in time to see the predator. Flashlights are essential for a deep dive, it is known to every diver who is looking for diving scuba equipment.